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Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air in your home, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, can be up to two to five times more contaminated than the outside air. Contaminants like viruses, dust, pollen, and mold can find their way into your home and build up all too easily. However, you can prevent them from impacting your family’s health with the right indoor air quality solutions. The Graystone Comfort team of indoor air quality experts are here to provide you with first-rate products that put your family’s health first.

Air Purifiers

Easy and simple, ultraviolet light air cleaners are common ways to improve the quality of air; in fact, they are typically installed in hospitals and other sterile facilities. These types of air cleaners remove hurtful germs and help to reduce allergies and airborne illnesses. Also, they are easily maintained and cleaned.

Media Filters

Not only do media filters help improve air quality, they also are much more effective than standard furnace filters. High-efficiency air filters removes pollutants, controls dust, increase energy savings, reduced maintenance and protects your HVAC equipment.


Humidity levels of furnace heated air can drop to 10% or less. Ideal humidity includes anything between 30% and 50%. Humidifiers introduce moisture into your home, increasing comfort, decreasing heat bills, and soothing dried out, itchy cracked skin. Humidified air serves as a preventative measure, limiting viruses and bacteria that thrive in overly dry air. A humidifier will ease symptoms of allergies, nosebleeds, asthma, chapped lips and static electricity in your home. You’ll feel warmer and more comfortable at lower temperatures, saving money on utility bills. Whether a bypass humidifier, fan powered humidifier or steam humidifier will best suit your needs, Graystone Comfort is here to help.

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